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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Freakin ??

Hey guys. Straightly on my lappy, connect the internet and browse my blogger. 
I was really tired today. Recently at school, i really dont have the mood to study. I spent my time sleeping. Who cares cuz I really felt sleepy. Kids, dont be like me. 
Sya with Nyssa. :]

Secondly, I hate to go through all these love matter problems. I mean, I felt very uncomfortable. It is up to me to love whoever I like, but for now on I dont have the time to love anyone or most correct - to have a boyfriend. :] It felt really bad when in the middle of love war. haha ..
Thirdly, I dont want to waste my time anymore around this month. I want to focus on my study bcuz few these days, I really not spent my time on studying. I spent more at FB, Blogger and people around me. I dont want to fail addmath anymore. Hehe
Fourthly, this is a really good month to become a better person. Pray to God to keep me safe and away from sorrow and give me the victory in education. 
Lastly, I'm so freakin tired now and the clock shows 1.30pm so want to sleep for a while. Not enough sleep these days made me blurry and tired. Toodles. ;)
# fuyooo entry aku dalam BI. why? sebab aku suka speaking london bila nak mengarut macam ni. Haha byee.

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