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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Love me not, hate me yes.

"..There's a fire starting in my heart.. Reaching a fevered pitch and it's bringing me out the dark.. Finally I can see you crystal clear.. Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your ship bare.. See how I leave with every piece of you.. DONT UNDERESTIMATE THE THING THAT I WILL DO.." kan dah terkeluar ayat lagu Rolling In Deep. Hee :]

The thing is, I dont wanna ever to break people heart's AGAIN. I want to be more careful. But I'm not perfect. I cant lie my feeling. Life must go on but that doesn't mean that I have to forget my past. I still can love my past and love my future. I only love the only one past thing,  Capital C. It just a history that I love

Moving on syaa, I'm a tough girl. :] 

Keep smiling although you're hurting. Hurting people heart is NOT COOL AT ALL.

# Lovesick. Can I only love you more than any other guy? =.= So that no one will hurt. Love you babyy ;)

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