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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Physic, Add Maths, Annoying.

Loved isn’t a word. There is no past tense to love.
If you love someone, you will always love them. NO MATTER WHAT.
Something tells me this will all make sense
Something tells me this is going to take patience,
Something tells me this will all work out in the end.

Intro pasal LOVE je. Entry lain ceritaaa :] 

12.08.2011 - Jumaat. What a relaxing day at school ! Pagi tu dah semangat lah kononnya kat sekolah masa kena nyanyi lagu Berjaya. Alaa, lagu merdeka tu. Lirik dah lah tak hafal. hee :]
Erm. MATH ! Tu subject yang aku seriously susah bagi aku. I mean kan, cikgu ajar tapi macam tak masuk otak tau, takde minat. Lagipun this year kan, paling sikit dalam sejarah dunia aku buat latihan Math. Oh God, aku tak nak fail Math ! :(

cute Anwar. hehe :]

PHYSIC CLASS !! Best gilaa class Physic cikgu Anwar bile hari Jumaat ! Seriously ! Lagipun kalau hari Jumaat, students dia tak ramai so dia takde lah tegas sangat. Sukaa nyaaa :D Oh yea, belajar pasal HEAT. :D
Extra class Add Math Umaas pulak memang takkan dilepaskan. My fav tcher ever :D haha ! 

I love PHYSICS ! ;D

Ehh chop. Lain cerita pulak. Erm. If you can only said that someone is very important in your life just because you love that someone who is not yours, its not enough. Its true that once you loved someone, that love will not able to be gone unless you hate that someone. But the way you want to try to get that someone must be right. Otherwise you might be really annoying to that someone. :] Aku tengah annoying with someone. So whatever je lah, malas pikir.

terawih time <3
Wish everything doesnt being harder for me to get through it. :] Kbyee

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