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Friday, 4 November 2011

No one, but only me. :)

Sungguh cantik memakai tiara,
Tapi cantik tidak abadi,
Assalamualaikum pembuka bicara, 
Teruskan membaca kalau sudi. :) 

##Haa, budi bahasa budaya kita !! See, dah mula lah aku nak berpantun ni. Maklumlah, anugerah PEMANTUN TERBAIK SEKOLAH jatuh ke tangan aku tahun lepas, nak buat macam mana. :) *kay sory, ter-poyo seketika :D

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Kay, these few days, were making me tired. Seriously, I AM TIRED. But, I still have fun with my friends. I AM TIRED of this feeling. TIRED of keeping my feeling for you alone. Never mind, I WILL try to ignore you and pretend like I have no feeling for you. I WILL.

#I don't mind my friends didn't like you. Saying bad things about you. But you've got something that made me fall for you. But now I think its over. I cant keep being like this anymore. At least I am glad that we both have a great conversation , texting , calling and awesome hanging out then watching 3d movie together for me. Although all that silly things happened once in my life time. I will never forget it :) 
PS - Whenever I saw you and remind about the memories, I cant stop smiling..Such a silly things n fool me.. :)

#For the crush.. Yes, I had a crush on you. Serious. I admire you. I am dying to start a conversation with you but I cant. I dont have enough strength to do that. Sokayy, i want to move on. I will find someone almost perfect like you. :)

Dear LIFE, I want to stop loving someone who cant love me back. I want to stop fall for someone who didnt accept me just the way I am. I want to stop having a crush.. Mybe I dont deserve to be somebody to someone. Or mybe I am too choosy. Whatever, I have to focus on my study. SPM next year. I have to struggle. :)

K enough bout my silly epic romance. Now.... 


Kiteorang ada satu video baru upload dekat youtube. Made by ME :D 
Video tu ada medley few lagu yang agak catchy kot. So, tengok lah ye. It just for fun. 
Kiteorang tak harapkan apa-apa asalkan friendship ni kekal hingga akhir hayat. :)

So, nanti update entry baru. Im kinda blurr, speechless, hopeless, stupid, freaks now -.- Duno why why why -.-

Mybe, KECIWWWWWWAAAAA dgn result FINAL EXAM kot. :'( Haihh next entry okeyy !! :)

K bye lovers :)

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