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Friday, 16 December 2011

Please don't go astray. :(

Hi there my little awesome blog ! *cehh*

I'm here in my bed alone, writing this entry alone. I'm alone. *LOL* Just kidding.
I'm here in my bed with my lappy while writing this entry with JB singing That Should Be Me beside me. HAHA T.T

 Your love is all I have inside..
Now there's nothing more to hide..
I promise I will never complain..
No matter how deep is my pain..

♥ This bond is real and not a game..
There are no rules and no one to blame..
I promise I will never complain..
No matter if there's nothing to gain..

 I could feel your soul is so pure..
For my wounds, its the best cure..
I promise I will never complain..
No matter if ever leaves a stain..

♥ When I see you I got no clue..
I can only see your smile that's so true..

♥ Although I want us to be together..
I want to hold you in my arms like forever..

♥ With every second my love will grow..
For you, my moon and sun will glow..

♥ I died every moment but you couldn't stay..
I will keep my promise and not complain..
No matter if its make me cry like insane..


Hm. Okay now saya tak ada apa-apa nak tulis dah. Luahan hati saya pun awak dah baca kan. Aww so sweet kan luahan hati saya ni . Muahaha *just kidding*

Hmm " I'm about to lose my mind, you've been gone for so long, I'm running out of time. I need a doctor, called me a doctor, I need a doctor, doctor, to bring me back to lifeeeee "

Wahh ramainya tutup telinga bila saya menyanyi lagu I Need A Doctor tu ! Haha =.=

Here, saya ada sedikit madah berhelah. Nahh, cer check sikitt. :p

"Don't go looking for the NEXT, if you're still in love with your EX."

ILY, Capital C.
So later update lagi. K bye.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Its about POLKA DOTS~!

Hello ! :)

Harini bangun awal pagi, then hapdett belog buruks ini. Update pasal apa? Hm about something I did last nite that interrupting my time to watch Cinta Elysa. Haha, dah tak dpt focus nak tengok cerita tu. Haihh ada Johan dgn Adam Shah tu, mana boleh terlepas. Muehehhe! 

Cakap pasal AdamShah kan kan, awww like it babesssss ! Dapat snap pic dengan dia haritu. Awww likeee it ahahaha :D 

#sweet kan kami. hehe

Actually last nite, pukul 8 lebih macam tu la, ME and MY 2ND SIS buat apam polka dots. Tapi apam tu sya letak filling blueberry. Slurrrppppp, sedap gilewww. Ahahaha *tak malu*

#Belum masak lagi. 

#Hasilnyaaa !! Tgk huruf U tu, terlebih blueberry. Eeee lagilah sedap! ahaha :D

First time try, so tak omey sangat lah rupanya. Takpe, second time try nanti dah expert letuuww, boleh jual, buat bisnes untuk jana pendapatan time cuti sekolah. Haha :p

Nak rasa tak? Tell me okayy ! ;) Tell me, tell me, tell me, love me ! Hehe :D Byee ;)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Help Me !

Hello my dear ! :)
Its MONDAYYY and I like it. Haha :D

Eh my dear, not feeling well yaa? Alolo kesiannya, selsema yaa? Nah click sini !! Click click click !! :D

Okay cuti memang lah best kan. Betul tak? Yelah, takyah nak bangun awal pagi, pegi sekolah, buat homework, blah blah blah whatever~ Hihi. 
Then, siapa rasa badan dia makin berisi sejak cuti sekolah ni? SAAYAAAAA !! Haha :D
#Seriously tak bangga pasal ni. =.=

#Hm pic sekitar bulan 3, 2011. Berat baru 47kg sehh =.= Now? Hehe~

Apa dah jadi pun aku taktau lah. Hm mybe cuz since cuti ni, asyik makan je. Makan yang sedap-sedap pulak tu. Memang tak boleh control lah. Muehehe :D
Oh okay jangan risau. Boleh kurus balik, bukan naik banyak sangat kot. Hee :D

Orite, Fitnesse + Low Fat Milk = My breakfasssst ! Usually memang ni lah breakfast aku. 
Breakfast dah okay, but.... Bila time LUNCH & DINNER, tak control pulak bila cuti ni. Haihhh tak boleh jadi !! 

Okay Sya, ingat Avril Lavigne~ Ingat AL~ Ingat AL~ LOL why AL ? Frankly speaking, i adore her a lot since i was 13 ! She has gorgeous body, awesome style instead of great voice
#Cehh, kononnya nak body lawa mcm AL ? No wayy lah Syaa. Hahahaha :D

Okay, bye!

Hati ini ku biarkan dalam rindu.

Assalamualaikum :D
Hello paparazzi ! :p

Okay jangan freak out, yes tajuk entry pelik semacam. Actually tu salah satu baris lirik lagu dalam lagu lama, tajuk lagu tu Akan Ku Tunggu. Pernah dengar? Aku terdengar lagu tu masa type entry ni so ter-gedik buat tajuk. Tak apa kan kan kan ? Hehe :D

This time entry ni special untuk someone. Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..!! Siapakah someone special itu? Boyfriend kah? Oh gediknya :P

So here it goes...


She is the someone special ! Wanna know why? She is part of Wasabi Gang. The youngest between us. She is my best girlfie ! The most cute yet gangster girlfie ! I like most about her is, she can be so understanding and so kind. Sometimes I feel so hard to read her mind whether I hurt her feeling or not with my words, my action. She can be my place to share my obsession about K-Pop, share my problem and more. Hm this entry may be endless if i keep saying about how good we are. So straight to the point babehh !

Lebiuuu, muah muah :D LOL

And to others WASABI GANG, 
Shikin, Izzaty, Atyrah, Nyssa, Faraa and Adreanna, happy belated birthday lah :D
Sory babes, i dont give any presents to everyone. But one thing I can give is friendship that never will end. I always there for you all :D 

My WASABI GANG is my Best Girlfie EVER !! :)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Chef at Home !

Hello !
And you know what, it means 2012 is coming next month ! And then I'll be in Form 5 ! And.... SPM !! Ahhhh !! If i cant do the best for SPM, what will happen to my future? Then, can I catch my ambition to become an Engineer? Hrrrr Why i feel like time is running so fast ! *sakit otak ni pikir* hihi just like what people always say, watlek, watpeace, watkiut. (Y)

Everyday is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.

Whatever you are be a good one.
- Abraham Lincoln

The future depends on what we do in the present.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Previous entry, ada cerita pasal buat muffin with my nieces. Kali ni pasal my HOMEMADE ICE CREAM pula ! ^.^

As usual, my nieces come to my house then aku ajar buat Ice cream oreo. Why oreo? Sebab kaaaaami hantuuuu oreoooo :3 Hehe

Oh yaa, ice cream tu aku letak atas waffle gardenia yang dah disapu Planta and toasted ! Wuuu super delicious kata my lil bro lah. Hehe mcm makan dekat A&W :3
Nak tahu, ice cream tu kan, sedap gilewww :p *apehal sengal sgt aku ni*

See, ' Auntie Gojes ' with her super lovely nieces and crazehh awesome lil bro ! Love you all, muahh :'*

Hm thats all je lah kot. Later update. :) Kbye !