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Friday, 16 December 2011

Please don't go astray. :(

Hi there my little awesome blog ! *cehh*

I'm here in my bed alone, writing this entry alone. I'm alone. *LOL* Just kidding.
I'm here in my bed with my lappy while writing this entry with JB singing That Should Be Me beside me. HAHA T.T

 Your love is all I have inside..
Now there's nothing more to hide..
I promise I will never complain..
No matter how deep is my pain..

♥ This bond is real and not a game..
There are no rules and no one to blame..
I promise I will never complain..
No matter if there's nothing to gain..

 I could feel your soul is so pure..
For my wounds, its the best cure..
I promise I will never complain..
No matter if ever leaves a stain..

♥ When I see you I got no clue..
I can only see your smile that's so true..

♥ Although I want us to be together..
I want to hold you in my arms like forever..

♥ With every second my love will grow..
For you, my moon and sun will glow..

♥ I died every moment but you couldn't stay..
I will keep my promise and not complain..
No matter if its make me cry like insane..


Hm. Okay now saya tak ada apa-apa nak tulis dah. Luahan hati saya pun awak dah baca kan. Aww so sweet kan luahan hati saya ni . Muahaha *just kidding*

Hmm " I'm about to lose my mind, you've been gone for so long, I'm running out of time. I need a doctor, called me a doctor, I need a doctor, doctor, to bring me back to lifeeeee "

Wahh ramainya tutup telinga bila saya menyanyi lagu I Need A Doctor tu ! Haha =.=

Here, saya ada sedikit madah berhelah. Nahh, cer check sikitt. :p

"Don't go looking for the NEXT, if you're still in love with your EX."

ILY, Capital C.
So later update lagi. K bye.

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